Platform: 3" Dunny - Kidrobot

Exhibited: 'Object Plans' at TTC Unit 5

INFO: Sat triumphantly atop a craggy rock, boasting a lush and fluffy green coat of moss we spot a wild Mammoss. This plant-based pachyderm uses his rigid tusks to shear the moss from rocks cycling them into his diet and oozing out a fresh batch from his various orifices, propagating them throughout the coniferous forests Mammoss inhabits. If you ever walk past a rock with deep scars running across their surface, or you step into a fresh squishy puddle of moss be on the lookout for Mammoss as he may be blended into the environment close by.


MATERIALS: Vinyl Toy, Aluminium Foil, Armature Wire, Apoxie Sculpt, Modelling Moss, PVA Glue Polymer Clay, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Polyurethane Varnish, Neodymium Magnets