Platform: 5" Dunny

Exhibited: ToyconUK 2019


INFO: Octoplasma is an alien creature that crash landed in the open oceans as a tiny undeveloped organism. Many days were spent suspended in the high seas feeding on plankton and other microorganisms until the currents lead her straight into the path of a Pirate's ship. Upon collision she valiantly scaled the wooden exterior of the ship in search of a safe haven that could bring new meaning to her uncertain existence. She scurried along the deck out of sight of the swashbuckling crew, into a storage room where she found a cozy and torn burlap sack. She crawled into the opening to find it was full of starchy potatoes! Once settled she remained hidden in there feasting and growing until she burst through the sack. She wears it over her head to remind her of the warmth and sustenance the potatoes provided. As for the crew of that ship, who knows what happened to them after the potatoes ran out...

MATERIALS: Vinyl Toy, Armature Wire, Epoxy Clay, Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints & Varnishes.