• FLY my Noble Steed (2019)


    Platform: 4.5" Jumbo Robin - MuffinMan

    Exhibited: Birds of a Feather - Custom Robin Show, ToyconUK 2020


    Description: Once again my love for frogs has inspired me and manifested in the creation of this Amphibious Prince galavanting atop his Noble King Fisher steed with a grass blade in hand! He journeys onward to locate the Princess that he believes will turn him human again.​​


    Materials: Resin, Chain, Armature Wire, Epoxy Clay, Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints and Varnishes.


    Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 20cm




    Ships Worldwide


    © PJ Constable Creations

    FLY my Noble Steed!

    • -Keep out of direct sunlight

      -In order to clean or remove dust use a soft haired brush

      -Display on a stable surface, this piece has fragile parts that could break upon impact

      -This is an original work of art, not a toy, please handle with care

    • -Attach arm holding sword by slotting the wire armature into the hole in the frogs body.

      -Use included sticky dots to attach the lotus flower crown to the frogs head.