• MANLYMOTH (2020)


    Platform: 3.5" Janky - Superplastic 


    Description: You better lock up your lamps and your ladies cause this moth is coming to a window near you! Equipped with the power to seduce just about anyone and anything with a simple sprinkle of some of that musky moth-dust. Check out those juicy lips too, you know he's swooping in with the smooches.


    Materials: Vinyl Toy, Armature Wire, Epoxy Clay, Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints and Varnishes.




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    © PJ Constable Creations


    Manly Moth

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    • -Keep out of direct sunlight

      -In order to clean or remove dust use a soft haired brush

      -Display on a stable surface, this piece has fragile parts that could break upon impact

      -This is an original work of art, not a toy, please handle with care