Platform: 3" Kidrobot Dunny


    Description: A Fungal-World deep within an ancient forest has opened its third eye and awoken, gaining consciousness. No longer lying dormant for millenia in the dank depths of the undergrowth, fending off nematodes or getting ravaged by Pig-men. The surface has a new contender, please welcome the mighty Myceliops.


    Individually hand sculpted and painted with considerable time and care, this is a work of art not a toy. Each piece is a One-off original. Signed and numbered on the foot (1/1)


    Materials: Vinyl Toy, Polymer Clay, Wood, Acrylic Paints and Varnishes.


    Made with love ♥

    Myceliops #04 - Toad

    • -Keep out of direct sunlight

      -In order to clean or remove dust use a soft haired brush

      -Display on a stable surface, this piece has fragile parts that could break upon impact

      -This is an original work of art, not a toy, please handle with care