• PAPA WORM (2019)


    Platform: 3" Dunny

    Exhibited: ToyconUK 2019


    Description: Papa worm is the father of this cluster of writhing squirmy wormies. They have joined together using their slippery slime and deliciously thick mud to keep them moist, forming a bizarro super-organism. Only not so super....​


    Materials: Vinyl Toy, Armature Wire, Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints and Varnishes.




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    © PJ Constable Creations

    Papa Worm

    • -Keep out of direct sunlight.

      -In order to clean or remove dust fill a container with soapy lukewarm water and gently submerge. 

      -Do not drop from a height, this piece has fragile parts that could break upon impact.

      -This is an original work of art, not a toy yo! Handle with care.

      -I hope this piece will bring joy to you or a loved ones life <3