• WORM-BOY (2021)


    Edition of 10 Signed and Numbered on the Feet -


    Description: Worm-Boy is a friendly fellow who just wants to be loved and give out warm hugs. He has fashioned a cozy onesie out of soil and worm castings, the health and fertility of which is abundantly proven by the psychedelic mushroom cap and tiny plant sapling that have both sprouted out of it. 

    Materials: Resin, Epoxy Glue, Acrylic Paints, Polyurethane Varnishes


    Dimensions: 5" Tall


    Each Figure was hand cast, hand painted and assembled from a total of 8 parts. I have tried to make each one as identical to the others as possible but due to the nature of the production on these figures there are bound to be some imperfections and irregularities making each Worm-Boy unique. 


    Packaged and shipped from the UK. If an option is unavailable to you, don't hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to offer assistance


    Made with love ♥


    © PJ Constable Creations


    • -Keep out of direct sunlight

      -In order to clean or remove dust use a soft haired brush

      -Display on a stable surface, this piece has fragile parts that could break upon impact

      -This is an original work of art, not a toy, please handle with care