Wizard Kris


Platform: 3" Micro Trikky

Exhibited: Vinyl Thoughts 7 - 'The Chosen Ones' - The Quixotic World, Dallas

INFO: Wizard Kris, (yes that is his legal name, first name Wizard, last name Kris) is a sorta kinda powerful wizard. When he's not tripping over his own robe and eating dirt, he likes to munch on Geodes, letting them alchemise in his body to produce new crystals and minerals that protrude from his bulbously bald head. ​He's into spirituality and crystal healing, although it remains doubtful that any crystals are gonna heal the damage he's done to his teeth with his rocky snack selection...

MATERIALS: Vinyl Toy, Armature Wire, Polymer Clay, Epoxy Clay, Acrylic Paints and Varnishes.