Original Resin Figure

Exhibited: DesignerCon UK

INFO: Worm-Boy is a friendly fellow who just wants to be loved and give out warm hugs. He has fashioned a cozy onesie out of soil and worm castings, the health and fertility of which is abundantly proven by the psychedelic mushroom cap and tiny plant sapling that have both sprouted out of it. 


"I have always loved worms, they're often under appreciated but they do a whole lot for the health of our soil and have many other benefits to our world's ecosystems. A cool fact is that Cleopatra determined worms to be sacred and established laws to protect them as they were beneficial in replenishing the fertility of the soil for agriculture. As a youngster I used to go out into my garden with a takeaway box and dig for worms, rushing back into the house to show my mum all the new 'friends' I had made. Yes, I was a weird kid but I've always had an appreciation for creatures big and small, beautiful and ugly. Every living thing has its role. I hope that Worm-Boy brings a smile to you today and just like a worm if you ever lose part of yourself just know that you will grow back even stronger one day." 

MATERIALS: Resin, Epoxy Glue, Acrylic Paints, Polyurethane Varnishes

EDITION SIZE: 10 Hand Painted Figures, Each assembled from 8 hand cast resin pieces.